We stock a small selection of materials in the workshop for you to buy but you’ll find here a list of specialist suppliers where you can buy tools, ink, dry pigment, paper, etching solutions and metals. The college shop also stocks specific papers, recommended by us, for etching, relief and screen print.


  • G F Smith supply paper and board for graphic arts so perfect for screen print, litho and relief. They also have a great selection of uncoated papers that are guaranteed and compatible with selected large format printers as well as digitally coated papers.

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  • John Purcell is based in Stockwell. They don’t have a shop but a warehouse where you can visit, talk to very knowledgable staff about paper and take samples away with you to experiment on. Once you know what you like, this is probably the best place place to buy in bulk. Packs are normally sold in 25’s.

  • This shop is great for all things book related; decorative end papers, board, buckram, glue and lots more.

  • I worked here for 7 years and it is an absolute haven for printmakers. The staff are extremely helpful and know everything about everything. Great place to buy single sheets of paper if you’re not sure what to use.

  • Art material super market.

Ink and Pigments