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The print workshop at Wimbledon integrates traditional processes with contemporary art practice and supports a diverse learning environment through which to explore print media. As a technical resource, it introduces students to the basic processes, concepts and histories of printmaking and the context in which it operates.

As a medium that shares common ground with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and digital media, the print area fosters diversity and experimentation. We offer access to specialist printing and binding facilities and run workshops on a variety of subjects related to print and book arts.

Students focusing in the print area will gain technical proficiency in a variety of processes while developing their own personal ideas and aesthetics in light of contemporary issues and practices.


Running alongside the traditional print workshop is our digital and finishing area. Here you can run large format prints on a variety of Fine Art papers, print film for screen printing and photographic printmaking techniques and learn more about scanning, pre-press and image manipulation for traditional processes.

We encourage collaboration and dialogue, and this blog is designed as an extension of this to allow you to exhibit your work produced within the workshop and beyond.










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